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By Mark Malone, QMI Agency
Chatham Daily News

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When Curling meets Bobsledding

Is curling a rock anything like steering a bobsled? Well at the very least they both involve ice and high degree of skill. National team sliders got some expert tips from some of Canada's top women's curlers during a team building exercise at the Glencoe Club on Thursday, October 9th.
(Featuring Ontario Athletes Julia Corrente, Nick Poloniato, Mirela Rahneva, and Jesse Lumsden)
By Jeff MacKinnon, For the Calgary Herald Photos by Gavin Young, Calgary Herald

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Olympic bobsledder Sorensen won't compete this season

By Jamie Shinkewski

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BCS gets aggressive about recruiting

Canadian Olympic hopefuls push the limits

Check out this great story and video from The Toronto Star (Kerry Gillespie)!
(photo credit: Tara Walton - Toronto Star)

Canadian Olympic hopefuls push the limits